Jennifer Forpahl

This was my third Power 30- 6 Week Challenge I have done at the BAC for Women. My goal for this challenge was not so much to lose a lot of weight, but to maintain and firm up my body in preparation for the Buffalo half marathon. Jill was my Challenge coach during this session and is always super helpful, inspirational and always willing to listen and text at any hour. I took 4 power 30 classes a week with Jill and Debbie and they are always very challenging and give your body a different workout every class. I highly recommend the 6 Week Challenge and the Power 30 classes. They are suitable for ALL ages and abilities and guarantee to give you a great workout every time! 

My goal during the challenge was to successfully run the Buffalo half marathon and thanks to the help of the amazing trainers at the BAC I completed the race and was happy with the way it turned out. I strongly encourage if you have been contemplating the challenge or taking a Power 30 class- do it! I can guarantee you will not regret it!