Class Description:

Our Power 30 - Combat classes consist of boxing drills utilizing bags and partners with focus mitts, agility work, strength and cardio drills giving you a full body workout.

Class Time:

10:00am until 10:30am

Class Instructor: Ally

About Ally:

Ally is a Certified Personal Trainer at our BAC for Women Williamsville location and is certified through ISSA. She holds a current CPR/AED/first aid certification through the American Lifeguard Association. Ally is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Social Work, with a focus on athletic/fitness related therapies and counseling. She is also working on a Fitness Nutrition course through ISSA to supplement her other forms of education to bring a holistic approach to her work with clients. She currently trains Power 30 classes and one-on-one personal training, as well as works as an operations manager. Ally’s past experiences working for a gym and meal prep company have helped to shape her role in the fitness community; she loves helping others to be the best version of themselves…come train with her today!