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Class Description:

For all levels. A series of poses with a strong emphasis on breathing. You’ll increase your flexibility and restore a healthy, positive mind/body balance, while focusing and relaxing the entire body.

Class Time:

5:30pm until 6:30pm


Arena 2

Class Instructor: Maureen

About Maureen:

I have been a member of BAC for Women since 2015, joining the club when my current gym closed down. I have had a passion for exercising since the age of 14 and has belonged to several clubs before BAC, as well as having done many years of  at-home exercise videos when my children were young.  I currently teach Pilates and Yoga at both the Evans and Colvin locations.  Having dealt with a lot of pain and fatigue in my lifetime due to multiple illnesses, I love to hear from members that I am helping them to alleviate their pain, resume what they thought were long lost energy levels, and obtain a brighter, more optimistic attitude, all through the process of exercising.