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Class Description:

A non-competitive yoga class designed to preserve and extend our youthful suppleness by moving our muscles, joints and ligaments through their full range of motion, as well as to calm ourselves amid the chaos of modern life. It is focused on proper alignment, mindful entering and exiting of poses, and staying in poses long enough to gain their functional benefits. This class encourages you to start where you are, whether that is a beginner or an advanced yogini. It is challenge without strain. It will ease pain, reduce stress, boost immunity, calm the nervous system, release chronic tension, lower resting heart rate, increase endurance, balance blood pressure, sharpen your mind, improve balance, promote more restful sleep, and lift your spirits.

Class Time:

10:45am until 12:00pm


Arena 1

Class Instructor: Roslyn

About Roslyn:

Roslyn began teaching for the BAC in 1993, being certified in and teaching a variety of classes over the years including Step, Hi-Lo Aerobics, Slide, Milonga, Cardio-Kick, Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Sculpt, and Spinning. After suffering herniated discs in her neck and low back, she was limited in her physical ability to teach for about two years. In that time, she studied anatomy and the principles of safe spinal alignment and movement. By approximately 2003, Roslyn was well enough to re-certify and return to teaching Yoga, Trekking, and Cycling, each with a focus on proper and safe alignment.
She believes yoga is for everyone and loves sharing her passion for it with others. She also believes cycling class can be enjoyable and empowering and loves providing motivating music and positive coaching to elevate the experience. She hopes you join me in a yoga or cycling class soon!