All In One

This energizing combination of cardio, strength and core will get your heart rate up and strengthen and tone your muscles using the step, free weights, body bars, katami bars and your own body weight. This fun and challenging workout is different every time!

Body Blast

This class blends cardio and resistance training that provides a combination workout of calorie burning and muscle building.  An intense yet easy to follow workout for all fitness levels, using a variety of equipment including hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, glides and stability balls.

Body Blast – Silver

Body Blast is a class that mixes cardio intervals and weight training blocks into 1 hour of phenomenal full body exercises.This Silver class will be a bit more gentle than the regularly scheduled Body Blast classes and will have a 10-15 minute stretching portion at the end.

Body Chisel

This class is all about controlled movements emphasizing good form to define and build lean muscle mass. You’ll use a variety of equipment including free weights, body bars, resist-a-balls, steps & glides, to keep your body guessing and ensuring variety in your workout!

Cardio Dance

For all levels. Cardio Dance is a totally balanced aerobic dance class with easy to follow choreographed routines. The cardiovascular portion of low-impact routines follows an interval training format. One pound hand weights are included in several routines to help tone the upper body. The class finished with a cool down, stretch, and ab workout.


Done on a stationary bike, our Cycling program is designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance with a variety of rides and styles of class, including HIIT Cycling and Music Video Party.  You’ll ride with a team, but at a level that works best for you. If it’s your first time taking a cycling class, arrive a few minutes early so we can make sure to set you up properly on the bike and answer any questions! BRING A WATER BOTTLE AND TOWEL.

Cycling Video Party

Our cycling class but with fun music videos playing on our big screen tv’s at the front of the room.

Fit Kidz

A class for children age 5-10 that consists of age appropriate games and activities performed with adult supervision in one of our arenas. The class is designed to get kids moving and having fun while encouraging them to work together with the other kids in class!

Get on the Ball

Focusing on building core strength with the use of the resist-a-ball, you will perform movements focused on strength, balance and flexibility. Slow and controlled movements are the name of the game in this Pilates inspired workout.

Get on the Ball/Pilates

Class description coming soon!

HIIT Cycling

Our HIIT Cycling classes rely on High Intensity Interval Training using specific timed intervals displayed on our big screen TV’s to get participants the results they are looking for.  Utilizing power, resistance, speed or a combination of these elements, HIIT cycles will push you to maximum effort with interspersed recovery periods for an amazingly effective cardio workout.

Hip Hop Cycling

Hip Hop Cycling is a dance party on the bike where you ride to hip hop music to the beat of the music! It’s challenging and high energy as well as fun and motivating! *Please note- Explicit music will be played in this class.

Hope Chest BCS

This class is designed to meet the unique needs of breast cancer survivors but is open to all members. Using a variety of exercises such as cardio; strength training; stretching; Pilates; Yoga; and relaxation, all are encouraged to move at their own comfort level.

Katami Kore

This class is all about your core. Cardio and core movements done with the katami bar will help define and sculpt your entire body, with extra focus on the abdominals, low back and obliques.


Improve core strength, flexibility and posture through a progressive series of movements and exercises, while remaining mindful of breathing. Bring your mat if you have one, if not we have some right in the studio.

Pilates & Shred

For all levels. The precision of Pilates exercises and breathing combined with sculpting for an intense whole body experience.

Pilates Boot Camp

This class will move a bit quicker than our traditional Pilates classes. The class will incorporate a series of exercises that will use hand weights, the body bar and exerbands all with up beat music that will motivate you thru this exhilarating workout.


Pilates and yoga fuse together beautifully in this class that focuses on the core strength aspect of Pilates, along with the breathing and flexibility focus of yoga. Poses from both disciplines are melded together for a smooth flow of class. Bring your mat if you have one, if not we have some right in the studio!

Power Yoga

Powerful heat building poses are utilized in this challenging style yoga class.


Radically Intense Physicial Training - This class will make you work harder than you’ve ever worked before. This class contains high intensity intervals of cardio and strength. Non-complicated choreography and intense moves makes this a killer class. Get the results you want. Be prepared to work hard and get R.I.P.T.

Senior Improvement through Movement

Few things are more important than taking care of our health. Aging is often accompanied by a loss in muscle mass, a decline in balance, and an increased risk of falls. Senior Improvement Through Movement is a class that is specifically designed with a focus on improving the quality of life and activities of daily living. This once a month class is geared towards the health and well-being of our senior members. It incorporates strength training, balance work, and stretching to help preserve muscle mass, improve balance and coordination, and increase flexibility.

Strike Zone

A cardio kickboxing style workout that will have you working on your punches, kicks, and blocks in easy to follow combinations that will get your heart rate up and make you feel strong and fierce!


For all fitness levels; yoga focuses on flexibility, balance, breathing and quieting the mind. You’ll move through poses and postures that help bring your attention to you and your body. You will be encouraged to find positions that work for you and your body, while moving your fluidly through a yoga practice. Bring your mat if you have one, if not we have some right in the studio!

Yoga & Relaxation

For all levels; this class focuses on stretching and opening the entire body. You’ll spend some time on each part of the body stretching the muscles and relaxing the joints; meanwhile quieting the mind and slowing the breath, getting you into a relaxed state by the end of practice. Bring your mat if you have one, if not we have some right in the studio!

Yoga and the Ball

The use of the ball in class will enhance and challenge your balance, flexibility and focus.


Fusion of Latin and International dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system! Each routine features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba® utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.