Healthy Substitutions
Everyone has their favorite recipes and go to meals that never fail. They’re easy to make and tend to be on the rich side and very calorie heavy. There are many substitutions you can use in those recipes that will help cut the calories, add more nutritional value and keep you fuller longer. By swapping › Read more
Setting goals for the New Year!
Goals. Dreams. Ambitions. Wants. Needs. Desires. Intentions. Game Plan. Aspirations. Mission. These words are the most commonly heard during the end of December through the beginning of January. For most, the meaning of those words and the intentions they hold, fizzle out around the beginning of March. So how do you keep your momentum going › Read more
Tackling the Holidays
It’s that time of year! The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisp and the sounds of holiday music are already on the radio. The start of the holiday season brings a lot of fun, yet busy and stressful times. A lot of people use the holidays as a free pass when it comes › Read more
Yoga Breakdown with Jill Week 5
Today Jill will be breaking down the “Cobra” or “Chat-a-ronga” pose used in Yoga classes for core strengthening and upper body exercises. Now for a little bit more of a challenging way to release from your plank take a look at video 2. We want to know what classes YOU would like to see broken › Read more
Yoga Breakdown with Jill Week 4
Today we are going to breakdown the “Warrior Series” in traditional Yoga. For those who are not familiar with Yoga we recommend watching our basic Yoga breakdown series from the previous few weeks before starting this series. If you are up to date on our videos watch Jill’s breakdown and give it a go on › Read more
Yoga Breakdown with Jill: week 3
Today’s video features the popular move in Yoga known as “Sun Salutation” Exhaling forward and bringing all your focus to your body and mind will allow this sequence to take your Yoga experience to the next level. Now that you have learned Mountain Pose, Forward Fold and Sun Salutation, you have completed one full Yoga › Read more
Yoga Breakdown with Jill: week 2
This week Jill will be continuing with the Mountain Pose progressing forward with the Beginner Yoga sequence into a Forward Standing Fold. Relaxing the upper body including the shoulders, neck and head is important for this move. Remember to focus on your breathing during any Yoga sequence; allowing your surrounding environment to be calm and › Read more
Yoga Breakdown with Jill
Have you ever wanted to try a group exercise class but did not know where to begin or thought the class was too advanced for your fitness level? Well look no further! The BAC/RAC for Women will be now providing Class Breakdown post once a week to help our members. Each week Jill will break › Read more
Monday’s Tips with Joelle: Getting ready for your workout
We all know Monday mornings can be dreaded more than any other day of the week; thankfully, the BAC/RAC for Women is now here to help motivate you every Monday morning! Each week we will post a tip or breakdown of a workout that you can do at home or at the gym to start › Read more